**Update** Registration Closes In:
**Update** Registration Closes In:
Complete This Form To Sign Up For The "No Dairy. No Gluten" Challenge! 
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Option 1: Purchasing the Product on your www.myherbalife.com site?
All you need for the challenge is: 
     (1) Formula 1 Sport: 
                  Chocolate SKU: 1438
                  Vanilla SKU: 1412
      (2) Beverage Mix: 
                  Wild Berry SKU: 3119
                  Beach Mango SKU: 3121
      (1) Probiotic: 
                  Regular SKU: 1829

If You Already Have The Products: Super - Just pay the $5 Challenge Fee and you'll be on your way!  

If You Need To Order The Products:  
(A) Get with your coach, and they'll get you set up!
(B) Log on to your own Preferred Member Shopping Site at www.MyHerbaLife.com and order the products above!

Last, you’ll either take a picture of:
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       3. Products

Confirm your spot in the Challenge (button below), you’ll be prompted to:

Pay the $5 Registration Fee
Attach a pic of your products, or your order
Option 2: Are You A Club Participant
You've already paid the club $150 for the 22 shakes to your club...

You'll take a picture of YOU holding a Club sign that says, “I’m paid and registered for the No Dairy. No Gluten. No Problem Challenge” 

After confirming your spot in the Club Challenge (button below), you’ll be prompted to:
         1. Enter the "CODE WORD" (after confirm)
         2. Attach a picture of yourself at the club holding the sign

The challenge runs for 11 days, from April 22nd to May 2nd. To participate, you will need to pay $5 for the challenge Entrance Fee. This might require an investment to purchase Herbalife products.